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如何防范手机黑客 教您几个妙招(中)

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如何防范手机黑客 教您几个妙招(中)

本文摘要:USE ENCRYPTION用于加密功能Much to the FBIs displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.更加让联邦调查局困惑的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,配置文件为全磁盘获取加密功能。


USE ENCRYPTION用于加密功能Much to the FBIs displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.更加让联邦调查局困惑的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,配置文件为全磁盘获取加密功能。That means that the information stored on the phone cant be extracted - by authorities or by hackers - and read on another computer.这意味著,无论政府或者黑客,都无法在另一台电脑上加载手机所储存的信息。If the phone isnt unlocked first, any information obtained would be scrambled and unreadable.如果手机没被关卡,借此提供的任何信息都是不能读书的乱码。

With Android, however, you typically have to turn that on in the settings.对于安卓系统,你得在设置中打开加密功能。Googles policy requires many phones with the latest version of Android, including its own Nexus phones, to offer encryption by default.针对配置文件加密服务,谷歌的政策拒绝手机加装近期安卓系统,还包括谷歌自己的Nexus手机,内可选契Ultra软件。But, according to Google, only 2.3 percent of active Android devices currently are running that version.但据谷歌数据统计资料,目前只有2.3%的安卓活跃用户在用于该版本。



SET UP DEVICE FINDERS设置手机找寻功能Find My iPhone isnt just for finding your phone in the couch cushions.“查询我的iPhone”功能并不是在沙发垫上找手机那么非常简单。If your device disappears, you can put it in Lost Mode. That locks your screen with a passcode, if it isnt already, and lets you display a custom message with a phone number to help you get it back.如果手机不知了,您可以通过密码将其设置成遗失模式,瞄准手机。瞄准前,您还可以在自己的iPhone上表明用来取得联系的电话号码,协助寻回手机。

The app comes with iPhones, but you need to set it up before you lose your phone. Look for the Find iPhone app in the Extras folder.虽然这项应用程序是iPhone自带的,但是你得在手机遗失前设置好。关上Extras文件夹,才可寻找Find iPhone应用于。Meanwhile, Activation Lock makes it harder for thieves to sell your device.与此同时,有了转录瞄准功能,骗子也很难将赃物售出。The phone becomes unusable - it cant be reactivated - without knowing its Apple ID. The feature kicks in automatically on phones running at least iOS 7.不告诉苹果账户的ID和密码,就无法新的转录用于手机。


iOS7系统版本以上的iPhone都自带这项功能。If all else fails, you can remotely wipe the phones data.如果上述尝试都已告终,那么您不得已远程抹掉手机数据。While your information will be lost, at least it wont end up in the hands of a nefarious person.哪怕手机信息仅有没有了,也比落在坏人手里强劲。

There isnt anything comparable built into Android phones, but Googles Android Device Manager app, along with a handful of others made by third parties, can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store.虽然安卓系统目前没类似于功能,但谷歌的“安卓设备管理器”应用于和第三方出品的一些其他软件也能充分发挥一定起到。这些应用于可从谷歌官方电子市场免费iTunes。

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