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本文摘要:Googles self-driving cars have gone a total of 100,000 miles with no accidents and now the company is working towards making their vehicles even safer.谷歌的无人驾驶汽车已总计安全性行经10万英里(大约16.1万公里),并未再次发生任何事故。

Googles self-driving cars have gone a total of 100,000 miles with no accidents and now the company is working towards making their vehicles even safer.谷歌的无人驾驶汽车已总计安全性行经10万英里(大约16.1万公里),并未再次发生任何事故。现在,谷歌于是以致力于将无人驾驶汽车打造出得更为安全性。The software giant recently secured a patent for technology to communicate with pedestrians.最近,该软件巨头取得了“可与行人交流”的无人驾驶技术专利。


Screens and/or a speaker system could be used to help the cars and humans coexist safely on the road.公司为这种汽车加装了屏幕和(或)扬声系统,能保证汽车和行人在道路上并行不悖。The details of the patent reveal the car will be able to sense when a person is standing in front or close to it and will then decide the next step to take.专利下文表明,行人车站在汽车前方或附近汽车时,无人驾驶汽车可感官到这种情况,并要求采行何种策略。The screens, which could be mounted on the doors or hood could flash alerts like Stop, Safe Cross or a traffic sign that would inform pedestrians about what the car is doing.此时,加装在汽车门和引擎盖上的屏幕不会仿佛警告信息,比如“暂停”、“请求安全性通过”,或收到涉及交通信号,转身行人它将怎样行经。


The speaker system could vocalize the text shown on the screens and send out other alerts.扬声系统可以讲出屏幕上的字,或收到其他警告。The patent says, the vehicle may include sensors which detect an object such as a pedestrian attempting or about to cross the roadway in front of the vehicle.该专利表明:“无人驾驶汽车有可能备有传感器,用作检测否有行人意图或将要于车前横穿马路。”The vehicles computer may then determine the correct way to respond to the pedestrian.“无人驾驶汽车的电脑将因此采行准确的应付方式。”The vehicle may then provide a notification to the pedestrian of what the vehicle is going to do or is currently doing.“而后,汽车不会告诉行人它的前进计划或目前的行经方向。

”This past Halloween, Google was teaching cars how to recognize children in their costumes, part of a feature that is educating them how to react and act around children.刚过去的万圣节期间,谷歌对无人驾驶汽车展开了试验,让它们学会辨识儿童的身影。该计划也是无人汽车儿童适应性的一部分。And this patent takes this feature one step forward by including all pedestrians.这项新的专利则让上述性能更加入了一步——将所有行人都考虑到在内。There is also an indication of an eye or robotic arm will be added that could notify pedestrians the car has seen them.该专利还表明,无人驾驶汽车可能会加装电子眼或机械手臂,告知行人汽车早已“看到”他们了。


The arm could mimic that of a humans, as it sweeps for pedestrians to cross, but the message could come across unclear when its coming from a robot and not a real person.机械手臂可以仿效人的动作,向过马路的行人“鞠躬”。但由于这个动作并不是出自于真人,所以很有可能让行人一头雾水。Currently, no sketches have been released of how the system would work or look, but it appears to be similar to a system Nissan showed off last month.目前为止,谷歌仍未发布该系统的运营细节或明确样子。但外界指出,该系统很有可能与尼桑上个月展览的一个涉及系统类似于。

However, Google applied for their patent back in 2012.不过,谷歌早在2012年就申请人了该专利。For Nissans futuristic vehicles, it envisions an outward-facing display in side of the windshield that tells pedestrians when the car is about to stop or if it wants someone to cross ahead of it.在尼桑的这一未来汽车设想中,挡风玻璃有朝外的显示屏,告诉行人汽车即将停下来,或是让前方行人先行。In the companys video, it shows a driver pushing a button and the steering wheel unravels then recedes back into the dashboard.尼桑的宣传视频表明,司机按下一个按钮,方向盘即解体,并松开仪表盘内。

These new vehicles can only be summoned on a smartphone from a garage to meet the driver and will greet them by name.这种新型汽车不能通过智能手机从车库恶魔到司机面前,它们还不会叫司机的名字,跟他们交谈。

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