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本文摘要:Google and Amazon were quick to put drones to use delivering orders.谷歌和亚马逊早已开始用无人机车主,反应神速。


Google and Amazon were quick to put drones to use delivering orders.谷歌和亚马逊早已开始用无人机车主,反应神速。But new research suggests delivery is just one small way drones are going to replace humans. The tiny airborne vessels will soon clean windows on skyscrapers, verify insurance claims and spray pesticide on crops.但近期调查表明,租车运输只是无人机即将代替人类工作的领域之一。看起来瘦小的无人机迅速就可以给高楼甩玻璃;核实保险赔偿,还有可能给农作物播种。

The global market for drones, valued at around $2 billion today, will replace up to $127 billion worth of business services and human labour over the next four years, according to a new research by consulting firm PwC.普华永道咨询公司近期公布调查报告预计,无人机的全球市场价值如今已相似20亿美元,到2020年,无人机将代替价值高达1270亿美元(约合8271亿元人民币)的商业服务和人工劳务工作。Drone technology could soon become part of our everyday lives, monitoring problems with crumbling infrastructure such as cracks in tarmac, bridges and houses and even repairing them as part of $45.2 billion of infrastructure work currently done by humans.无人机科技将迅速带入我们的日常生活,监测有裂痕的基础设施的问题,比如柏油路面、桥梁和住宅的裂缝,甚至展开修缮工作,进占价值452亿美元的基础设施市场,而目前这一领域基本是人工劳动。Construction companies, amid other things, will be able to attach 3D printers to drones to produce on site-replacement parts for damaged elements of houses or roads.建筑公司以及其它机构,未来需要将3D打印机加装在无人机上,为住宅或道路现场分解更换部件。

Drones will be able to perform most tasks at height, reducing the risk of death and injury and increasing efficiency.大多数高空作业都合适用无人机,以增加工伤并提高效率。In transport, one of the most promising uses of drones is predicted to be food delivery.在运输行业,无人机最有可能“大显身手”的领域是食品火速。


“Providing products such as frozen food, ready-to-eat dishes or even daily groceries from large chains may become be the next big thing in the food and restaurant industries,” analysts at PwC said.普华永道分析师指出,“食品餐饮行业下一步有可能侧重用无人机运输速冻食品、酱汁食品,甚至大型连锁店的日用品。”As soon as regulation permits, drones will be able to decrease the time it takes to deliver food, PwC said.普华永道称之为,只要规则容许,无人机就可以延长载运食品的时间。Google is for instance already trying to solve the problem of how to fly drones safely in yards without endangering pets or other potential obstacles.比如,谷歌公司早已开始著手解决问题无人机如何安全性盘旋人们的院子,不威胁到宠物,也不撞到到其他潜在的障碍物。

In agriculture, drones will increasingly be used to gather and analyse data on crops quickly as well as to do precise spraying on plants.在农业方面,无人机将被更好地用作很快搜集、分析农作物数据,并准确倾倒。

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