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超震撼 土耳其公司打造出现实版变形金刚-十大正规买球网站

本文摘要:Thirty-some years after making their debut as cartoon characters, vehicle-morphing Transformers have finally become a reality, thanks to the efforts of a Turkish company out of Ankara.《变形金刚》卡通形象问世30多年之后,能变形的汽车再一沦为现实,这一切要得益于土耳其安卡拉城外的一家公司。

Thirty-some years after making their debut as cartoon characters, vehicle-morphing Transformers have finally become a reality, thanks to the efforts of a Turkish company out of Ankara.《变形金刚》卡通形象问世30多年之后,能变形的汽车再一沦为现实,这一切要得益于土耳其安卡拉城外的一家公司。The RD-focused company, called Letvision, recently wowed the internet with a presentation video for their prototype car-transforming robot, ANTIMON. 专心研发的公司Letvision(艺视野)最近在网上公布了他们的汽车变形机器人ANTIMON的雏形展出视频,大吃一惊了一众网友。

The recently-released footage shows a red BMW M3 being unveiled and remotely driven toward the camera, where it proceeds to transform into a mighty Autobot-like robot. 在最近公布的这段视频里,一辆红色宝马M3从远处朝着摄像机驶向,与此同时,红色宝马开始逆身兼一个强劲的汽车机器人。The whole process takes a bit longer than in Michael Bay’s CGI movies, but it’s still mesmerizing to watch.整个变形的过程比编剧迈克尔贝影片(《变形金刚》)里过程耗时要幸一些,但看上去依旧让人著迷。

For fear of copyright infringement issues, Letvision chose to call its creations Letrons, but they’re as close to real-life Transformers as they can currently get. 为了防止侵害知识产权,Letvision公司给这个系列的变形机器人取名为Letrons(艺创),不过,这个机器人的外形是目前最相似现实版变形金刚的。The first video of ANTIMON shows that it can move its arm and head on command and while walking functionality has not been developed yet, the company claims it’s doable if they can secure reasonable funding for a new research and development project.ANTIMON的第一段视频中,汽车机器人可以根据口令移动手臂和脑袋,但目前仍未研发行驶功能。该公司回应,如果需要为新的研发项目实施资金,行驶功能是可以构建的。


On its official website, Letvision claims that ANTIMON was developed using an actual BMW M3, but it can only be control remotely, as the seating part of the car is currently taken up by the hydraulics system required for the awesome transformation into a Letron. Letvision公司在官网上回应,ANTIMON是用一辆宝马M3研发出来的,但是,目前不能遥控,因为车里的座位被变形所需的液压挂装置闲置了。However, they plan on making the vehicles drivable, which probably means integrating the passenger seat into the Letron as well.不过,他们计划在未来让变形汽车可以长时间驾驶员,这有可能意味著要在乐创系列汽车机器人上加装座椅。Letvision claims they came up with the idea for Letrons during a brainstorming session on a unique and futuristic project. 该公司回应,制作艺创系列汽车机器人的点子源于一次头脑风暴,当时是为了辩论一个独有且有前瞻性的项目。ANTIMON reportedly took a team of 12 engineers and 4 technicians eight months to complete. 12名工程师和4名技术人员总共花上了8个月的时间才已完成ANTIMON机器人。

They have created four other Letron models and are currently working on creating them using various car models.他们早已研制出了另外四款艺创机器人模型,目前于是以无暇用各种车型已完成机器人的制作。Now for the question that has probably been on your mind since you came on this page – Can you buy your very own real-life car-morphing robot? The answer is ‘YES’. 现在来问仍然飞过在大家脑中的那个问题:我们能为自己卖一个现实版的汽车变形机器人吗?答案是:能。

Levision says that their letrons can be for sale, provided that the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team.Levision公司回应,他们的乐创系列机器人不会对外出售,只要买家的项目和出售用途合乎艺创团队的标准。

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