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苹果与谷歌专利问题和解 多产品线竞争激烈 关系曾近破裂

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苹果与谷歌专利问题和解 多产品线竞争激烈 关系曾近破裂

本文摘要:Google and Apple have called a truce in a long-running patent dispute, ending a high-profile legal battle between two Silicon Valley titans over smartphone technology.在漫长的专利纠纷之后,谷歌(Google)与苹果(Apple)最后达成协议妥协。


Google and Apple have called a truce in a long-running patent dispute, ending a high-profile legal battle between two Silicon Valley titans over smartphone technology.在漫长的专利纠纷之后,谷歌(Google)与苹果(Apple)最后达成协议妥协。这场两大硅谷巨头在智能手机技术上的诉讼更有过许多眼球,如今早已告一段落。Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies, the two companies said in a joint statement late Friday.在上周五的联合声明中,双方回应:“苹果和谷歌表示同意中止双方之间现存的一切必要涉及的法律案件。”Googles Motorola Mobility unit started the fight in 2010 by suing Apple for patent infringement. Apple (AAPL) responded by counter suing, ushering in an era in which major technology companies spent huge resources fighting each other in court. Google (GOOG) inherited the lawsuit when it acquired Motorola in 2012 for $12.5 billion. It has since agreed to sell off the unit to Lenovo, the Chinese computer maker, for $2.9 billion while keeping Motorolas patents.2010年,摩托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)首度宣战,控告苹果专利侵权行为。


The lawsuits and counter suits – nearly two dozen in all globally – highlighted the increasing tensions between Google and Apple, which had been allies at one time. But their growing rivalry in everything from mobile devices to online maps to laptop computers left the relationship in tatters and an army of attorneys busy in court.在全球各地,谷歌和苹果的诉讼与鼓吹诉讼案件早已有二十余起,曾为同盟的这两家公司之间关系日益紧绷。在移动产品、网络地图、笔记本等完全所有领域,谷歌和苹果的竞争都在激化,这让他们的关系渐趋裂痕,双方的律师忙着在法庭上打官司。

Google, arguing that Apple had infringed on its patents, had tried to get injunctions to force Apple to stop selling the iPhone. Apple argued that parts of Googles Android software took their cue from the iPhones operating system.谷歌称之为苹果侵害了他们的专利,企图禁令苹果出售iPhone。苹果则指出谷歌的一部分安卓软件剽窃了iPhone操作系统的创新。In dropping the suits, the companies may have simply come to the conclusion that it was no longer worth the bother. With Google selling Motorola, neither side had much of an incentive for years of further litigation.这次两家公司退出诉讼,有可能是因为他们意识到再行这样纠结下去并不昂贵。随着谷歌出售摩托罗拉,双方都没意向将早已持续多年的诉讼继续下去。

In the statement, the two companies said they would work together in some areas of patent reform. Big Silicon Valley companies, despite their rivalries, are largely united in their critique of the patent system and the desire to change it to reduce lawsuits by so-called patent trolls – small companies whose livelihood is largely from pursuing patent infringement claims.在声明中,两家公司回应他们不会在专利改革的一些领域展开合作。硅谷巨头们尽管各为输掉,但对专利系统大体都所持抨击态度,并不愿改良它们,增加“专利流氓”发动的诉讼。

专利流氓就是指那些相当大程度上依赖专利侵权行为控告维生的小公司。Apple and Google said they had not agreed to cross-license their patents to each other. If they had, it would have been a sign of unusual cooperation between two rivals. Apple and Google, together, dominate the smartphone market. Apple does so with its iPhone while Googles power lies mostly in its operating system, which it licenses to a number of mobile phone manufacturers.同时,苹果和谷歌回应,他们未表示同意相互许可专利。否则,这就意味著两家竞争对手之间创建了非同寻常的合作。

目前,苹果和谷歌联合主导着智能手机市场。苹果通过iPhone做了这一点,而谷歌则主要依赖安卓操作系统,许多智能手机制造商都必须取得其许可。Apples agreement to make nice with Google does not extend to Samsung, a Google Android partner. Earlier this month, Apple received a $120 million judgment against Samsung for patent infringement.苹果与谷歌的妥协协议并不限于于安卓合作伙伴三星(Samsung)。本月早些时候,苹果控告三星的专利侵权行为获得胜利,夺得了1.2亿美元的赔偿金。

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