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买球网站平台|机器面试 无人视频面试来了

本文摘要:The prospect of job interviews is *daunting enough, but some of us look forward to charming potential employers when meeting face to face. However, it’s *markedly more difficult to build that all-important *rapport when the “person” interviewing you isn’t a person at all.一想起打工试镜,竟然人望而生畏,但有些人仍期望着能和面试官们面对面交流,并留给好印象。

The prospect of job interviews is *daunting enough, but some of us look forward to charming potential employers when meeting face to face. However, it’s *markedly more difficult to build that all-important *rapport when the “person” interviewing you isn’t a person at all.一想起打工试镜,竟然人望而生畏,但有些人仍期望着能和面试官们面对面交流,并留给好印象。然而,当你的面试官并非真人,想构成那种至关重要的亲密氛围,似乎就无以多了。


Jake Rosen is a recent graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After applying for a position at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), Rosen learned that he wouldn’t be going to an office to talk to a human being about his skills, his interview instead being carried out via *webcam.杰克.罗斯是加州大学洛杉矶分校 (UCLA) 的一名应届毕业生。申请人了美国国家广播公司(NBC) 的一个职位后,罗斯却获知,他不必去办公室参与试镜。

恰好相反,他的试镜将通过网络摄像头展开。While Skype interviews are nothing out of the ordinary, some companies are now using a much more high-tech solution. The interview questions pop up on the screen, giving a limited amount of time to respond. This method requires that you deliver your answers to the webcam before they are sent to the company’s hiring manager after the session ends.尽管视频试镜十分少见,但一些公司现在却配上了更高科技的试镜方法:试镜问题将不会经常出现在电脑屏幕上,并拒绝限时答题。这一方法拒绝你再行向网络摄像头讲出答案,在试镜完结后,这些答案才不会被传遍公司的人事经理处。“It’s such a weird experience talking to a camera. It honestly was pretty horrible,” Rosen said. Not used to being in front of a *lens, he felt *flustered after just the first question, which affected the rest of his interview.“和摄像头对话有种很古怪的感觉。


老实说道这一挺可怕的,”罗斯说。由于他并不习惯面临镜头,第一个问题竟然他深感十分不知所措,而这也影响了他的整场试镜展现出。For many of us, this experience may soon be unavoidable - the human-free video interview is being more *commonplace. HireVue, one of a handful of American companies making video interview software, works with around 600 large organizations, including Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase and Under Armour.对我们许多人而言,这种经历或许迅速就无可避免——这种无人视频试镜于是以显得日益少见。

Hirevue乃是众多美国视频试镜软件生产公司之一。现在,它早已和还包括德勤、摩根大通以及安德玛在内的600家大型机构创建了合作。This year, the company will handle 2.5 million interviews in the United States, up from 13,000 five years ago. Nearly 90 percent of those are “on demand” interviews, with nobody at the other end of the webcam.今年,该公司将负责管理处置在美国的250万场视频试镜,而在五年前,这一数字仅有为13000。

近90%的试镜为即时试镜,网络摄像头的另一端并没有人。For the job candidate, the benefit of “robo-recruiting” is convenience. Generally, a company will give a day or two for the interview to be completed, which can be carried out anywhere with access to the internet. That might sound like a plus, but for Rosen it only added to his stress.对于打工面试者而言,这种“机器聘用”的众多益处就是便捷。一般来说,一家公司不会给与求职者一到两天的时间已完成试镜。求职者可以在有网络信号的任何地方展开试镜。

这听得一起看起来一个不利因素,但对罗斯来说,这种方法只减少了他的压力。“You start to think about things you wouldn’t normally think about in interviews. I started thinking about my surroundings,” Rosen said. “I had to find a blank wall to sit in front of. Should I put a bookshelf behind me? A plant?”“你开始不会去想要一些你显然会在长时间试镜里想要的事情。我开始关心起我的周遭环境,”罗斯说。“我必须去找一面空白墙的前面椅子。


我否应当在身后敲个书架,又或者是一盆植物呢?”However, recruiters say that they don’t judge candidates on their on-camera performance, appearance, or *locale. “Judging is an interesting word,” said Heidi Soltis-Berner, managing director for talent at Deloitte in the US. “I would say the on-demand interview is truly for fact sharing.” That said, other recruiters say they do evaluate people on their communication abilities and eye contact.然而,招聘者称之为他们会依据求职者镜头前的展现出、穿着或环境来评判他们。“评判是个很有意思的词,”美国德勤人事总经理海蒂.索尔蒂斯-伯纳说。“我指出即时试镜能确实让我们理解事实。

”也就是说,招聘者们显然重视人们的交流技能和眼神交流。The best advice for job candidates, however, might be to just relax.至于给求职者们的最佳建议,也许之后不能是放开自我。


“It’s OK to come across as uncomfortable in front of the camera, because everyone is,” says Scott Mitchell, a recruiter for the American Wedding Group, a wedding service company. “We all assume you’re going to be uncomfortable. We’re putting you in an uncomfortable position.”“在镜头前深感懊恼没什么问题,因为每个人都是如此,”婚庆服务公司美国婚礼集团的聘用官斯科特.米切尔说。“我们都早已预想到你不会实在懊恼。我们就是要把你置放一个不难受的情境之下。

”However, we needn’t worry just yet-robo-interviews haven’t completely replaced human interaction in the US. Many companies simply use them as a replacement for first-round *screening, followed by the more traditional one-on-ones, meaning there’s still chance to turn on the old charm.但现在我们还不必须如此担忧 —— 在美国,机器试镜还没几乎代替真人交流。许多公司只是将此作为第一轮检验的方法,而更加传统的一对一试镜则在后面,这也意味著,我们还有机会用老方法来取得注目。

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