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本文摘要:Huawei has announced its first Windows 10 tablet, a day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona begins.在巴塞罗那世界移动大会揭幕前一天,华为月公布了传闻已幸的首款MateBook笔记本电脑。

Huawei has announced its first Windows 10 tablet, a day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona begins.在巴塞罗那世界移动大会揭幕前一天,华为月公布了传闻已幸的首款MateBook笔记本电脑。The MateBook is designed to be an alternative to laptops and is thinner than Microsofts rival Surface Pro 4 thanks to its use of a USB-C port.由于MateBook用于USB-C模块,所以比起竞争对手微软公司的Surface Pro 4更加厚一些,可以替换手提电脑用于。The Chinese firm is already the worlds third-bestselling mobile phone-maker, but until now had only made tablets powered by Android. Experts said it made good business sense to expand into the new category.这家中国公司早已沦为世界上第三大最畅销的手机制造商,但直到现在才研发出有安卓系统的平板电脑。



专家称之为这为手机生产企业扩展了新的商机。However, there was no mention of the much-rumoured P9 smartphone at Huaweis event. When questioned about the no-show, the firm told the BBC it did not discuss future products.然而,谣传已幸的华为P9并没被提到。当被问到华为P9的缺席时,华为公司告诉他BBC,他们继续想辩论未来产品。The MateBook features a 12in (30.5cm) display and can be clipped into an add-on keyboard and used with a stylus.MateBook配有12寸(30.5cm)的触摸屏,可重新加入键盘或者用于写字笔。

Its advantages over Microsofts Surface Pro 4 are that it is:良好于微软Pro 4 的几大特点:nearly 20% thinner, measuring 6.9mm (0.3in) deep比Pro 4轻巧20%,厚度为6.9毫米has a fingerprint sensor built into its side, unlike the Surface Pro which requires its cover to be attached to use the feature内置指纹传感器,不像Surface Pro必须触碰键盘垫来用于这项功能。However, the disadvantages are that Huaweis machine is only offered with a sixth generation Core M processor, and not Intels more powerful Core i5 or i7 chips.但是这台机器的缺点是只获取第六代酷睿M处理器,而不是英特尔的更加强劲的酷睿i5或i7芯片。In addition, the decision to rely on a USB-C port means that older peripherals cannot be attached directly to the machine and it lacks a built-in display port.此外,依赖usb-c端口意味著原有的设备无法必要相连到这台机器,并且它缺少一个内置的表明端口。



The entry-level MateBook will cost $699 when it goes on sale later this year, making it $100 cheaper than the basic Surface Pro 4. To purchase its keyboard, MatePen and MateDock will cost an additional $277.当MateBook今年晚些时候开始销售时,其初级版本的售价为699美元,比Surface Pro 4的售价低廉了100美元。但是出售它的附属品如键盘、写字笔和MateDock将不会额外花费277美元。

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